Tank cleaning system a success for Enviroco

Trials of Enviroco’s ground breaking Eclipse tank cleaning systems have proven so successful that three more units have been ordered for delivery in April next year.

Eclipse is a remotely operated tank cleaning system designed to dramatically reduce the number of man-entry hours spent cleaning storage tanks.  Using high water flow rate, at a low pressure, the system is a significant step forwards in minimising the risks which can be associated with high pressure water in confined spaces, a continuing concern in the industry.

Alister Wait, Industrial Services Director for Enviroco, said the development team has been delighted with the results from the trial of the first unit and that clients have been astonished at the effectiveness of the system.

“Eclipse was more than two years in the making, and putting the time in at the start of the project has paid off. We’ve been seeing fantastic results during trials over the last few months and the Eclipse has really hit the ground running.”

The three new units, which are designed specifically for offshore use but with onshore capability, follow unexpectedly high demand from clients wanting the technology to be more readily available.

“Both the practical cleaning capabilities of the machine, and the impressive reduction in man-entry hours required, have been even better than expected, and we’re going to be able to take the system around the world to many more clients with the addition of the three new units.”

Phil Brown, Marine Technical, Training and Safety Advisor for ASCO Marine, works with a number of Enviroco’s key clients and said the system can only bring benefits to the industry. “I observed Eclipse working on an offshore support vessel and saw how dramatically it reduced the man-entry time in the cargo tanks, and consequently the human exposure to hazards associated with confined space entry.

“Both myself and the Chief Officer of the OSV, whose role it is to approve the cleaned cargo tanks as fit for purpose, were incredibly impressed with the results in such a short time compared to the normal time taken to clean the cargo tanks.

“Any innovation which will reduce the exposure of the human to dangerous situations must be better all round, for customers and of course their employees.”

Eclipse also has the added advantage of improved efficiency, resulting in faster turnaround times. And the environment benefits too, thanks to the system’s water recycling capabilities. Eclipse is currently in operation in Scotland, with plans in place to roll the system out across the UK and internationally when the new systems are delivered.

To view a video about Eclipse and how it works, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96nMxnpth-4

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