Reduced man-entry tank cleaning

Enviroco Eclipse is an award-winning automated tank-cleaning system equipped with the latest in pumping and jetting technology, which when combined with our specially developed, CEFAS gold rated chemical additives, creates a tank cleaning system which is operated remotely and does not require operator presence in the tank during cleaning.

Over the last two years, Enviroco have been carrying out extensive research and development work on a project aiming to deliver against one of our key business objectives: the reduction of man-entry hours to clean storage tanks, both on vessels and onshore. As a result we have developed Enviroco Eclipse, the first effective reduced man-entry tank cleaning system of its kind.

Utilising a high water flow rate at low pressure, the Enviroco Eclipse system offers a clear and significant step forward in mitigating risks associated with the use of high pressure water in confined spaces, whilst also providing efficiency benefits through improved vessel turnaround times. Enviroco Eclipse also benefits the environment through the system’s energy efficiency and water recycling capabilities.

The system is built to SI 2008:1597 and PER/PED 97/23/EC standards.

  • Up to 70% less man-entry time
  • Up to 30% less time taken
  • Less waste produced
  • An established 21st century solution

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