Drilling Mud Treatment Plant

Enviroco Limited - Drilling Fluids Treatment

Enviroco’s drilling mud solution means that we are able to meet the demands of the oil and gas sector and benefit the environment by reducing the volumes of waste material sent to landfill.

How it works
We receive material at the quayside, usually through one of our direct discharge storage facilities, before transferring it by road to our drilling mud treatment plant.

At the Enviroco plant, situated at our Aberdeen Waste Management Centre, we utilise advanced drilling mud treatment technologies – including physical, chemical and thermal treatments – to facilitate the breakdown of drilling muds.

The plant then separates the drilling mud into three components: water suitable (for treatment at our effluent treatment plant), oil suitable (for energy recovery) and solid waste (destined for further processing prior to landfill).

Why Enviroco?

Our highly efficient process results in significantly increased recovery rates, and only 15-20% waste goes to landfill in comparison with the current alternatives.

We fully adhere to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

Enviroco complies with all related legal requirements, and follows standard waste and marine regulations.