Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), also described as Low Specific Activity (LSA) material, can be found in many geological formations, and may be brought to the surface during oil and gas exploration and production.

Within oil production operations, NORM is generally observed as deposits of barium sulphate, which contains quantities of natural radionuclides that have leached from the reservoir geology. The barium sulphate formed results from chemical incompatibility between reservoir formation water and injected waters, and is a chemically-inert and highly-insoluble material. This material can be deposited in the form of scale, sand, wax or sludge, and may accumulate on or within a production plant or equipment on an installation. NORM scale deposits may significantly reduce the efficiency production equipment on an installation and must be removed regularly.

NORM is governed by legislation with strict controls on its handling, storage and disposal. Operators and contractors are also required to develop appropriate working procedures and training to control, protect and minimise the exposure to workers because of the hazardous radioactive nature of the material.

With our new joint venture, NORM Solutions Limited, we now have the facilities to provide services that deal with NORM-contaminated materials by safely removing and disposing of the NORM deposits that have accumulated. We are able to deliver a service suited to your needs, and also provide you with radiological sampling and analysis upon request. Our team of Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) support our package by providing quayside monitoring for radiation detection and onsite assistance.

For more information on NORM Solutions please visit their website.