Produced Water Management

As part of our commitment to supporting the oil and gas market, Enviroco in partnership with Simon Storage, has developed a solution for the management of large volumes of water produced from North Sea oil and gas exploration, production and decommissioning activities.

Some produced water may not meet the stringent offshore standards to be discharged to sea and will, therefore, be required to be transferred onshore for treatment and disposal. In some cases, produced water may also contain Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

Our Produced Water Management service ensures the safe onshore transfer and temporary storage of produced water, using Simon Storage facilities. These facilities, located on the east coast of England, allow for deliveries of large quantities by vessels, direct to a single offload point.

Simon Storage has a number of facilities on the east coast with waste management licences, meaning they are fully authorised to receive and store produced water. In addition, the Tyne Terminal is unique in its ability to accept NORM contaminated liquid and wastes, making it a real asset in the support of the oil and gas market.

Following vessel discharge to storage, Enviroco will mobilise a fleet of road tankers to transport the stored materials to full permitted treatment plants for physical/chemical treatment. If required, it is also possible for materials to be pre-treated or filtered on-site to ensure safe onward disposal.

This specialised service, which is offered in partnership with Simon Storage, further demonstrates Enviroco’s commitments to supporting the oil and gas market with innovative, safe and compliant solutions for the management of waste materials from exploration, production and decommissioning activities.

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