Bulk Wastes

Bulk wastes / Bulk liquid wastes / waste solvents

We have a fleet of collection and removal vehicles, including ADR rated vacuum tankers, which are available to collect your bulk hazardous wastes.


We have established recycling and recovery routes for solvent wastes, and can also offer a toll recovery service where appropriate.

Solids and Sludges      

Our service is available to deal with any of your solids. These include asbestos, tank bottoms, contaminated sludges, soils and construction and demolition wastes.


We can handle your all of organic liquid wastes such as antifreeze, water-based paints, organic acids and waste oil disposal.


Our service also covers inorganic waste materials such as alkali liquids, waste acids, filter cakes and salts.


We can handle any type of bulk chemical – the chances are we have handled something very similar before, and can bring our expertise to solve your waste management problems.

Waste Waters             

We are able to handle your waste waters such as process effluents, process by-products, interceptor wastes and wash waters.