Packaged Wastes

Enviroco provides an integrated hazardous waste collection and recovery/disposal service, focusing on service excellence, safety, and environmental compliance. Our specialist team will provide you with options from our diverse range of containers to help you with the segregation, storage and collection of your hazardous waste.

Over the years we have handled a diverse range of waste, but here are some examples of what we offer for typical hazardous wastes:


We provide a recycling service for aerosols and can provide you with the appropriate containers for segregation and collection. The recycling process involves separation and collection of propellants, liquids and metal casing, all of which are recycled.


Our recycling service for batteries provides you with special storage boxes appropriate to your requirements and compliant with Dangerous Goods regulations. Non-lead acid batteries are sorted by Enviroco at our Approved Battery Treatment Operations Centre, and sent into Europe for specialised recovery of metallic components, as there are limited UK recovery options. Lead acid batteries are sent for full recovery in the UK.

Tubes and Bulbs

We can provide suitable containers for storing your fluorescent tubes. Once collected, the tubes are put through an innovative recycling process that crushes, washes and separates all components for recycling. The mercury element is re-refined for re-use in lighting manufacture.


Can’t find your waste stream anywhere else? We’ve probably handled something very similar before. We cannot list all possible hazardous wastes here, but there are very few products or materials we won’t have handled in the past. If you have an enquiry, have expert personnel waiting to discuss your waste management needs.


We deal with a range of waste solvents including waste paints, thinners, solvent-based inks, alcohols, flammable resins and adhesives, chlorinated solvents, petrol, and numerous non-chlorinated solvents.  We have established recycling and recovery routes for these wastes and can also offer a toll recovery service if required.


We offer a full WEEE collection re-use and recycling service, providing you with suitable containers for storage of items such as TVs, computers monitors and fridges for processing under the requirements of the European WEEE Directive.