Q.  Can I get a copy of your waste management license / permit?
A.  Yes you can. These can be downloaded from the ‘Downloadable Content’ section of the website.

Q.  What types of waste can you collect?
A.  We can collect and dispose of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes to meet your requirements. We have developed strong relationships within our industry and are able to respond to your needs regarding any type of waste.

Q.  How often is the site inspected by regulators?
A.  All of our facilities are inspected frequently for compliance with permit conditions. The Environment Agencies (EA) inspections are based on risk, and higher risk sites are inspected more frequently than low risk sites. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) inspectors visit our facilities in Scotland on a regular basis.

Q.  Do you have an accredited environmental management system?
A.  Yes, we are accredited to ISO14001 standard.  Our certificate can be found in the ‘Downloadable Content’ of the site.


Q.  Do you have qualified first aiders available at all times?
A.  Throughout the business we have qualified first-aiders available.

Q.  Do you have a dedicated HSEQ department?
A.  Yes, our HSEQ personnel, who have differing specialities, are widely spread across our business.  Every member within the department has the core competencies and qualifications that are integral to the role, and have brought a broad range of experience to the business.

Q.  Do you have an accredited safety management system?
A.  Yes, we are accredited to ISO18001 standard. Our certificate can be found here or in the ‘Downloadable Content’ of the site.


Q.  Do you have WAMITAB COTC qualified Managers?
A.  Yes.  We have a high proportion of COTC certificate holders across the business and each facility is adequately covered.

Q.  Does the business run a continual training review program for its staff?
A.  Training is central to our success, as we believe the quality of our staff makes a huge difference to the way we work. Training is reviewed bi-annually with employees during their performance appraisal and training needs are reviewed annually via management review.

Q.  How do you ensure that your staff are competent to carry out their responsibilities?
A.  Our staff are central to our success and their competency is key. For each position, a competency specification is prepared and the candidate is matched to that specification. Where there are improvements required training is carried out to gain competency.

Q.  Do you have a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)?
A.  Yes, we currently have a number of qualified in-house DGSAs who help us comply with relevant Dangerous Goods legislation.

Q.  Can you provide Waste Awareness training?A.  Yes, we can.  We have a Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) accredited training centres in Scotland and England which means we are able to deliver the ‘Waste Awareness’ training course. We can also arrange bespoke courses to suit your individual needs.


Q.  Could you describe your waste enquiry procedure?
A.  In order to quote for waste disposal we need to gather enough information on the waste material to be able to source suitable disposal for the material. This will include a detailed description from the producer of the waste which may include samples of the waste, and Material Safety Data Sheets for any products for disposal. Once we have these details our chemists can route the waste material to suitable disposal or recycling and generate a quotation to suit your requirements. This procedure is formalised in our waste enquiry procedure, available on request.

Q.  How do you control waste acceptance?
A.  Waste acceptance is divided into two stages; at the booking and at the receipt on-site.

Booking – A technical assessment is completed by our sales co-ordination team where our pre-acceptance procedure is followed, ensuring that the site has enough physical capacity to store the waste (HSG 71), that a site chemist will be available for hazardous waste and that we will not go over COMAH thresholds by accepting the waste.

Receipt on site – The paperwork is checked to ensure that the load has been consigned in accordance with relevant waste and transport legislation. The load is then verified by counting the containers against the paperwork description.  All materials go through a conformity inspection by one of our chemists to confirm the descriptions of the waste match the information given during the pre-acceptance.  If the waste complies, then it is accepted to our site.

Q.  How do you deal with out of specification materials?
A.  The site chemist performs a conformity check of every waste received onsite and if the waste is out of specification then it is immediately quarantined.  A variance is raised against the waste that is quarantined which is discussed with the waste producer and the enquiry process will start again resulting in either disposal or return to the producer.

Q.  Can you offer full waste traceability?
A.  Our specialist waste system offers full traceability from the original enquiry through collection, receipt and final disposal. We can run reports detailing when waste was received and where the waste was finally disposed. This should ensure you are always fully informed about the final recycling or disposal route of your waste materials and enable you to meet the needs of your Environmental Management Systems.

Q.  Do you have an accredited quality management system?
A.  Yes, we are accredited to ISO9001:2000 standard. Our certificate can be found in the ‘Downloadable Content’ section of the site.