The Environment Agency started a pre-acceptance campaign in 2008, in order to reduce the number of accidents and incidents which have occurred at several hazardous waste facilities in recent years.

The campaign targets waste facilities, waste producers and waste brokers to ensure that the waste characterisation information provided by customers is comprehensive and accurate. It also makes sure that waste paperwork is accurate and complete, and this information is available to all in the disposal chain.

Pre-acceptance is the technical evaluation process which takes place prior to acceptance of waste at one of our facilities. The Environment Agency Sector Guidance Note S5.06, specifies standards required and states that the waste producer must provide the waste manager with information about:-

  • The nature of the process producing the waste (and any process variability)
  • The composition of the waste (chemicals present and individual concentrations)
  • Its handling requirements
  • Its hazards
  • Its EWC Code

We will issue you with our pre-acceptance form which details the above requirements during our enquiry process, which must be completed by a technically-competent and authorised individual at your producing location. During the enquiry process we will ask you for information about your waste composition and concentrations which can be provided by sample analysis, or through information in writing. For pure product wastes, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will be required, as these will detail all of the information we require to manage your waste safely and compliantly.

Enviroco are here to assist you through this process and will provide the necessary advice, should you require it, on completion of our pre-acceptance form.